about relume

Relume manufactures highly efficient, cost-effective LED
lighting products based on its patented Silver Circuitry™
thermal management technology.
With its proprietary technologies and processes, Relume sets
new industry standards for LED performance, ruggedness
and economy.

Silver Circuitry™... the Relume advantage

Heat is the enemy of LEDs. Relume’s patented
Silver Circuitry™ thermal management
solution and custom manufacturing
processes can extract LED heat unlike
anything on the market.

Relume’s Founder
Peter Anthony Hochstein
Peter Hochstein enjoyed a challenging and varied career working on many high technology projects. He started his career at Owens Illinois Technical Center working on the development of ultra high temperature induction heating instrumentation. In 1966 he moved to the General Motors Technical Center. As a Senior Project Engineer in the materials and structures laboratory, he worked on numerous automotive and non-automotive projects including classified contracts on re-entry physics for ballistic missiles and the early development of LED lighting.