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See how you can save with Relume high-efficiency LED lighting fixtures.

Enter the quantity, hours per year and type of fixture for
your existing fixture and a Relume equivalent system.

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Quantity Hours/Year Type of Fixture
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Annual Energy Savings:

Environmental Impact

Tons of Coal Saved @ 0.08 lbs. per kWh
Energy efficiency is a cornerstone of any pollution prevention strategy.
If we use less electricity to deliver an energy service such as lighting
the power plants that produces the electricity burns less fuel and thus
generate less pollution.

Gallons of Oil Saved @ 0.07 gallons per kWh
Generating electricity involves burning fossil fuels, coal, oil or natural
gas. The mining and transportation of fossil fuels can result in various
types of pollution, including acid mine drainage, oil spills and natural
gas leaks.

Pounds of Carbon Dioxides Saved @ 1.95 lbs. per kW
Lighting accounts for 20-25% of all electricity sold in the US.
Lighting for industry, stores, offices and warehouses represent 80-90%
of total lighting electricity use; the use of energy efficient lighting has
a direct effect on pollution prevention.

Pounds of Sulfur Dioxides Saved @0.008477 lbs. per kWh
When sulfur dioxides are emitted by power plants and automobiles,
they mix with water vapor, turn into sulfuric acid, and fall to the
ground in the form of rain, snow, fog, or acidic particles. Acid rain
damages buildings, vegetation and aquatic life.

Pounds of Nitrogen Oxides Saved @ 0.004092 lbs. per kWh
Smog is caused by various pollutants NO2's which are emitted by
power plants, are a primary ingredient in a corrosive mixture. At best,
smog irritates the eyes and lungs. At worst, it can intensify respiratory
ailments, including asthma and bronchitis.

*Based on US Averages from the DOE/EPA Emission Factor Assumptions