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Pushing the boundaries of LED illumination.
The Relume ILLUMADISK™ is a perfect example...
Relume Technologies’ ILLUMADISK is an innovative, optically superior LED lighting tool designed to replace up to 250 watt HID sources, consuming only 90 watts.
  • 7 year warranty
  • Less than 80°C junction temperatures
  • Type 3 & 5 applications

This product features Relume’s superior thermal management technology which creates low LED junction temperatures of 80°C or less, producing 100,000+ hours of life as opposed to 50,000 hours. The LED light engine is protected by a high-impact, UV stabilized, non-yellowing lens.

The ILLUMADISK will lower energy consumption by as much as 70 % and last up to six times longer resulting in an average payback on investment of less than four years.
An innovative retrofit kit for
high wattage decorative luminaires.
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