the thermocouple test

Proof of our patented technology

The thermocouple test illustrates the effect that heat has on three identical LEDs - each operated at the same drive current, but mounted to three different circuit boards.

The first is a STANDARD industry printed circuit board, the second is a competitor’s UPGRADED metal core board, and third is the Relume SILVER CIRCUITRY™ board.

All three begin at a room temperature of 75 F degrees before the circuits are turned on.

After just 10 minutes, the photograph clearly illustrates a significant difference in LED brightness in two of the three circuits. The thermocouples display the reason: The STANDARD circuit has risen to 272° F and the UPGRADED circuit temperature has risen to 132° F. But the Relume SILVER CIRCUITRY™ board is a relatively cool 89° F.

Relume’s technology allows the LED to burn brighter with less lumen depreciation than the competition. The result? An LED mounted on a Relume SILVER CIRCUITRY™ board will last 8.6 years longer than a LED mounted on an UPGRADED metal core board, and 12.5 years longer then a LED mounted on a STANDARD industry printed circuit board.

Certified by regulatory and testing agencies such as NEMA and UL, Relume LED luminaries and arrays are proven to burn brighter, last longer, and cost less.

Built to last

All Relume light engines have a conformal coating applied before shipping to prevent moisture damage and corrosion.

In addition, all Relume products are UL or UL pending, independently tested and have passed NEMA environmental requirements for operating voltage and frequency, power interruption, temperature and humidity, vibration, shock, and power service, input-output terminals and non-destruct transient immunity.


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