superior LED technology
Silver Circuitry™ and Copper Composite Thermal Management
Our approach to thermal management sets Relume apart. Notice in the photo that the
Relume Silver Circuitry thermal-managed LED is burning brighter and much cooler,
resulting in significantly longer life than competitors’ LEDs.
  • Improves LED performance
  • Extend LED life by lowering the operating temperature
  • Dissipates more heat than competitive technologies

TIR Optics Technology = Projection Technology™
This proprietary technology optically collimates virtually all of the light from every LED
-- a full 90% -- and directs it to appropriate zones

Relume’s Projection Technology™ adheres to simple photometric principles:
  • Adoption of highly efficient power supplies (93% efficiency)
  • Use of highly efficient LEDs (ability to control and direct LED lighting to targeted areas)
  • Use of highly efficient reflective optics (92% efficiency)

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