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the new standard in LED billboard lighting
From edge to edge, your billboard display is brighter, truer and more uniformly illuminated with the energy-efficient EcoVista™ nextgeneration LED lighting system from Relume. Compared with conventional lighting fixtures, EcoVista provides superior color rendering, with a cooler, more accurate hue across the board. Because the LED light output from EcoVista is extremely focused, more light illuminates the board and far less escapes into the night, making EcoVista a community-friendly technology with Dark Skies in mind.
EcoVista also is a good neighbor because, measured against other leading lighting systems, it consumes up to 65 percent less energy. With its patented Silver Circuitry™ thermal management technology, Relume’s EcoVista operates cooler, so it will last longer—up to 15 years before requiring replacement.
Outdoor companies and advertisers
gain a clear edge with EcoVista
  • Advanced optical design provides exceptionally uniform distribution of light that brings forward every creative element on the board
  • Better color rendering than competing systems can provide
  • Focused light projection to help illuminate your message and preserve the environment
  • Advanced Silver Circuitry™ thermal management technology for long life and minimal light degradation
  • Modular units to fit any application size

Housing is made from extruded aircraft-quality 6061 aluminum and powder coated with high-performance polyester resin for a rugged and maintenance-free life. The LED light engine is protected by a high-impact, UV stabilized, non-yellowing lens. Integrated mounting and wiring fittings. Internal power supply with no exposed wires for quick one connection installation.
Environmentally friendly
Relume light engines are energy efficient, which lowers energy bills and reduces carbon footprints. Very long useful lives mean lower landfill impact, and they contain no heavy metals or other dangerous materials.
Highest quality
All Relume area lighting solutions are Made In America using the finest materials. From powder-coated aluminum housing
to stainless steel screws, Relume products are designed and built to last and manufactured in an ISO 9001:2008 facility.
Relume's Eco family of fixtures is IP 66 rated.

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