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Linear LED Pedestrian Area Fixtures
Dramatically improve pedestrian area safety with energy saving, maintenance friendly Relume linear LED lighting.
Unlimited possibilities
Illumaline LEDs are designed to illuminate pedestrians in path of egress.
Application solutions
Any pedestrian area where long spans of light are needed.
  • Intersections
  • School crosswalks
  • Stairwells
  • Walkways
  • Entrances
  • Drive-throughs

Increased visibility
The white LEDs provide a clear, crisp daylight look for ultimate visibility. Studies have shown the efficacy of 5,500-6,500K LED light engines to be 2.14 times that of high pressure sodium. [ In lighting design, efficacy refers to the amount of light (luminous flux) produced by a lamp (a light bulb or other light source), usually measured in lumens, as a ratio of the amount of energy consumed to produce it, usually measured in watts. ] Each LED module is protected by a high-impact, UV stabilized, sealed, and non-yellowing acrylic lens for unobstructed visibility while protecting against vandals and storm damage.
Minimal energy consumption
Each unit draws 47 watts running at .7 amps. The efficiency of Relume’s thermal management technology enables an energy savings up to 50% over traditional lighting sources. The system is powered by a reliable 24 volt power supply.
Decreased maintenance
One of the greatest advantages of LED fixtures is their long life, which reduces maintenance costs (up to a 10 year lifetime compared to two years for a metal halide lamp). In fact, maintenance savings alone are sufficient to make LED fixtures cheaper on a life-cycle basis than conventional fixtures.
Versatile mounting
Various mounting choices include up to 15’ arm mounted, undersign mounted, wall mounted, wire/cable mounted and ceiling mounted.
Environmentally friendly
Relume Illumaline LED™ fixtures are energy efficient, mercury—and lead-free, and comply fully with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directives (RoHS). Illumaline LED™ fixtures emit no significant UV or IR radiation. Illumaline LED™ housings are fully recyclable.
Highest quality
All Relume fixtures are Made In America using the finest materials. From powder-coated aluminum housings to stainless steel screws Relume products are designed and built to last and manufactured in an ISO 9001:2008 facility. Illumaline LED™ is IP66 rated.
4.41” H x 3.38” W x 46.75” L

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