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Engineered to fit most decorative street light applications.
The Relume Retrofit family for post top luminaries including globes, acorns and top hats, deliver energy savings and long life. Relume now also offers solutions for tear drop designs. Our light engines fit a wide range of installed fixtures, providing clean, bright light. Each engine is specially designed with advanced thermal management systems, high brightness LED’s, and reliable power supplies.
  • Industry-leading patented thermal management.
  • Uniform light for better visibility
  • Easy installation
  • Environmentally friendly

Intended Use
Ideal for lighting main streets, municipalities and parking lots.
Advanced engineering
For existing decorative post top luminaires that have one-piece, acorn-style lenses, Relume offers a patent-pending deployable design. This innovative feature allows the LED light engine to be inserted through the opening at the base of the lens and then opened into the deployed position to provide outstanding photometric distribution. For two-piece globes and teardrop fixtures, we have fixed-configuration light engines.
LED light output, color, quality
Depending on the model, we offer light engines that have a lumen output ranging from 3,049 to 4,702 lumens. Our light engines can be ordered in warm (3,500K), neutral (4,500K) and cool (5,500K) color temperatures (lumen output may vary depending on color range)
Easy to install
Our post top and tear drop style area lights are designed and engineered for easy and fast field replacement. Less efficient light sources can be removed, and in most cases, our new light engine can be installed in less than 15 minutes per fixture.
Light engine construction
Patented Relume Silver Circuitry™ ensures excellent thermal management and low LED junction temperatures — the key to long LED life.
Environmentally friendly
Relume light engines are energy efficient, which lowers energy bills and reduces carbon footprints. Very long useful lives mean lower landfill impact, and they contain no heavy metals or other dangerous materials.

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