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commercial signage
LED technology for company branding and promotional advertising and wayfinding applications.

Relume’s custom LED integral circuit boards burn brighter and last longer than competitive alternatives. By attaching LEDs directly to the fixture, our Silver Circuitry™ technology creates the ultimate in thermal dissipation. And Relume’s integral circuit board is ideal for multiple site installations.

  • High-End Quality/Engineering
  • Industry Leading Thermal Management
  • Industry Leading 7 Year Warranty
  • Long relationship within the sign industry, with excellent track record – Virtually No Failures!
  • The ability to use Relume as an extension of sign company’s R & D department

Intended Use
Perfect for end users w/high branding awareness and criteria,
and/or multi-location programs. Computer designed LED placement makes Relume signage inserts excellent for
wide stroke lettersets, very large signs and white applications. Great for high-rise applications - (pole or building) where high maintenance costs, the use of proprietary equipment, or access; ultimately dictate a high cost or high exposure end users want to avoid.
Explore the in-depth details about Relume's custom LED integral circuit board panels and how it helps separate Relume from all others competitors. -

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